How rank is calculated ?

  • The ranking of the advisory companies is been calculated based on the following attributes
  • Traffic On the website

    Traffic is an important attribute that shows how popular is the company. More the traffic, higher is the trustworthiness of the company.
  • Ranking

    Our system captures ranking from popular international sources Like Similarweb and Alexa Global Ranking. These companies show the ranking of a company in the world, in India and in their own sector. This is an important attribute as it shows how consistently a company is working. The companies, who are trustworthy, have more traffic and higher ranking where as companies who are new, not experienced or non-trustworthy with lower traffic has lower ranking.
  • Ratings

    Our system captures ratings from few of the biggest ratings and review companies like Google and Trusted Company. Ratings are important factor as they show how the services were rendered to its customers and satisfaction of the customer on the services and support rendered to him after sales.
  • Mobile App Installs

    Mobile App downloads is again a very important factor to decide the value of the company in the eyes of a customer. Any person installs a particular app only if he feels that the company provides any value to him. More app downloads shows the excellence in services and operations of the company.